Give And The Goodness Will Come Back To You

And I’m back!

As always, life has been running its course and I have been scrambling to follow along. While I seem to have my routine figured out for now, things can never be as simple as they appear.

For those of you who aren’t aware, I have returned to my hometown and am again living in my childhood home with my family. More often than not I can be found complaining about how there is no one here, how there is nothing to do, and simply how awful it is to live here. However, it was not until a recent tragedy that I came to the realization that perhaps things in Gravenhurst aren’t as bad as I initially thought.

Although I will not go into specific details, I will say that a family close to my own recently lost a child in an accident at the tender age of 13 right in the immediate wake of the death of another family member. While these series of events have proved absolutely devastating for those who know Tyler, knew his family, or had any sort of connection with him; it has also proved as an opportunity for the people of this community to demonstrate the goodness of humanity.


Given the circumstances, it is no doubt the family will face a tough road ahead. In efforts to further support the family both emotionally and financially, an online fund has been registered to assist in covering funeral costs and provide the initial funding necessary to house the family as they begin to relocate and rebuild their future.

While I recognize that you, my readers, may not currently be in a position to donate I ask that you please share the following link in hopes of allowing others who are in such a position to be able to do so, in order to provide this incredible family with hope for a better tomorrow.

In just over two weeks we have raised over half of our goal, and any contributions from here on out will only bring us that much closer to $5000. Tragedies such as these do not need to remain as such, and it is important that we as humans exercise our ability to contribute to bettering this world in troubled times.

Until next time…


What Am I Doing? Oh Yeah, That’s Right I’m Doing Me.

As is the norm, I’ve been on hiatus. While many thoughts have been circulating throughout my brain (as is a typical day in my brain really) none of these ideas have been complete enough for me to feel comfortable sharing them with the world wide web. Alas, I sit here an entire bottle of Two Oceans deep and BOOM, here I am.

Thank god for autocorrect.

This summer has proved nothing short of excellent. I’ve finally had the opportunity to reconnect with my natural environment – even while working, (what a weird concept) – meet awesome new people, and visit some pretty neat and new places! However, as is the regular cycle of my life, I sit here anticipating the next great adventure in my life.

I am currently seeking long term employment to no avail. While this does not deter me, it still makes me question the education system and society as a whole really; as I have done ever so often throughout my entire undergraduate career. The general consensus I have received (with a few exceptions of course) amongst fellow graduates entering the workforce is nadda, nill, and nothing. Rejection can be quite the deterrent from persistence in the application process and while I continue to apply to jobs within my field, I often find myself reverting to that with which I have experience, be it customer service, retail, food and beverage, etc.

Realistically speaking though, since when has long term employment at 22 ever been a life goal of mine? Subsequently, all of these factors have again caused my inner nomad to ignite and seek opportunities elsewhere, be it my next job, my next adventure, or my next home.

I currently live in a state of wanderlust (at least I think that’s the proper word of choice – I never saw the movie), and so, who knows where this great wide world will take me? Not I.

Until next time…

Life’s a Dream That I’m Living

As has been the general theme with this blog, I have found my inspiration to write being sparked by my latest adventure. It’s 3am and I’m sitting on a greyhound bus somewhere outside of Buffalo, bound for New York City. While most of my fellow travelers drift off to the land of dreams, I find my mind running circles [as per usual] as I sit and contemplate the happenings in my life as of late.

For the duration of my 22 years on this Earth, I’ve always been quite content with the fact that I’m a little bit out there; my views unconventional, my opinions rather blunt – both continuously evolving as I learn more, experience more, live more, and simply just begin to understand more.

While some days I seem to think I’ve got a plan, the next my mind has decided to take a new direction. Needless to say, I am indecisive in every decision I make – heavy into everything but always ready for the next thing; I am constantly seeking my next source of excitement be it work, travel, relationships, or hobbies. While to most it may sound/appear as though my source for indecision stems from a fear of commitment, my late night (early morning?) bus contemplation session concludes the following:

To me there is nothing more terrifying than that which can already be anticipated. If my life is to be comprised of a series of predictable events – graduate university, get a job, settle down – I fear I may lose my mind. I live for the unknown, the uncertain, and the unexpected.

Do I want to move to Europe? Sure. Do I want to go on a real African Lion Safari? Sure. Do I want to backpack South America? Sure. Do I have any particular reason preventing me from fulfilling these desires (aside from my obvious lack of cash flow)? No.

I’m 22. I’ve likely got a long way to go before my time here is up and I am confident the right opportunities will fall into place when the time is right. For now you can find me riding the wave, seizing these chances as they come, and continuing to grow my ever expanding perspective on this beautiful life I’m living.

Until next time…

Life and Times of a University Graduate

So, here we are. I survived the last four years of my degree and just like that it’s all over.  A couple of weeks ago I received both my degree and my diploma enabling me to do what, I am not exactly sure.

So Danielle, what exactly does the next phase of your life entail?

Frankly, I don’t really know and I’ve been beginning to find myself having an internal meltdown [from time to time] over the lack of structure in my future plans. However, having some how managed to single handedly pay for four years of university and graduate with less than 8k of debt, I realize I’m in a pretty comfortable place in terms of the stress related to finding full time employment. Consequently, I have decided to take the time focus more on myself and my interests and choose a seasonal job (which I love) over the pursuit of permanent financial security. While I am currently employed for the season, I realize that November will come faster than I expect and I will most certainly be left scrambling to develop a Plan B. However, I will not fret.

I think one of the most important things we (and our parents) forget as newly graduated students, is that we are still young. The end of your life as a student does not and should not serve as an automatic pass into full on adulthood. Instead it is important to take the time to pursue that which makes you happiest, that which helps you discover who you are, and that which will lead you to where you want to be. This world is full of so many beautiful places, people, and opportunities so why does society pressure us to limit ourselves to a single option so early in life?

I am certain that maintaining an open mind and open agenda in this next phase of my life will prove most beneficial in allowing me to discover what life has in store for my next chapter, and I look forward to whatever that may be.

Until next time…

Twenty Two Years Wise

Today marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter in my life. Not only is it my 22nd birthday, but having just returned to Canada two days ago, today marks the official start to my final two weeks of undergrad at Waterloo. While I am beyond relieved to be back in country where things make sense to me, Vietnam will forever hold a place in my heart.


Being back is a weird series of emotions. While part of me is slowly adjusting to new changes (plastic $5 and $10 bills, whaaat?) the other half of me feels as though my life has sort of just been on pause for 8 months and will resume as per usual. It’s weird to think of the different relationships I left behind before Vietnam, and will certainly be more interesting to watch how these evolve now that I am back to where I belong.

In two weeks I will be beginning my new job for the next 6 months, and look forward to seeing what sort of new opportunities evolve from that. I have decided now that school is finished (or soon to be so) I can finally take the time to focus on myself, my health, and fulfilling my personal mission. Here’s to a future of [fantastic] uncertainty.

Until next time…